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Thanks for visiting our web store. Shopping from the comfort of your home and getting answers to your questions without having hunt someone down to get an answer. Give your home a makeover indoors and out. Search or browse through our listings and discover the awesome selection of new products. We have something for everyone on your shopping list, him, her, the kids, or the one who has it all.

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Search by Tag:  This is here for you to find items that might be in more than one department.  Instead of looking thru all the departments, you just have select a tag.  For instance, you might want a candleholder and you go to the candle department and can't find it there it's another department, you just select candle tag and you will find it.

Make sure you review FAQ.  This will be very helpful in getting around the store..

Remember that you will receive a FREE copy of our catalog with all orders over $25.00 (merchandise only)!

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